Thermal Imaging

How Thermal Imaging Helps You

Thermal Imaging technology gives us the ability to make the invisible visible. In fact, it can allow us to see, detect, and document telltale temperature differences that show moisture and water damage, missing insulation, air drafts, nests in walls, and much more.

Furthermore, this technology helps us find hidden roofing problems faster and more effectively than any other technology. It allows us to produce customized reports that justify and validate the truly needed repair work that is often missed by other methods. By providing this information to your insurance company, you can ensure that you get the funds you need to do the job right.

What can thermal imaging find?

  • Roofing Damage
  • Electrical Problems
  • Mold and Rot
  • HVAC Problems
  • Water Damage
  • Destructive Pests

Thermal Imaging Benefits

The benefits of utilizing thermal imaging are numerous regarding cost, time, and accuracy.

Have your roof repaired by Amerus roofing and get the price of the thermal image diagnostics applied back to your roof in the form of an instant rebate.

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