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We understand that the road to a new or repaired roof can be overwhelming. That is why we offer Free Roof Inspections and staff licensed Insurance Adjusters to help make the process flow as smoothly as possible. To further ensure the ease of the new project, we put together a checklist with information regarding the necessary steps and precautions to be aware of at all steps of the project. Please take the time to read the following information and take the recommended steps.

Before the Project

  1. Attic Valuables: If decking will be replaced, protect items from falling debris by moving or covering.
  2. Driveway Access: Please keep your driveway clear during the work period. You may want to park vehicles that will be used during work periods on the street.
  3. Pictures and Shelving: Sometimes items hung on walls or placed on shelves may fall due to the hammering vibration. Please place these vulnerable items in a safe place.
  4. Exterior Clearance: Move patio/pool furniture, potted plants, gardening equipment, or any other items that may catch debris or restrict mobility of the crew.
  5. Electrical Power: Check exterior electrical outlets to make sure they are in working order or run an extension cord through a window.
  6. Attic Wires and Pipes: Please let us know of any wires or pipes that may have been installed since the home was built and may be within two inches of the roof decking.

During the Project

  1. Shingle Delivery: Compare color and type with your contract. Call your Project Manager immediately if it is not what you specified.
  2. Notify Your Mortgage Company: This will expedite the inspection and payment process.
  3. Noise: You may want to make plans to be away from your home to avoid the constant hammering.
  4. Children And Pets: The working area outside your home can be dangerous. Please keep the area clear of children and pets during the entire working period.

After the Project

  1. Ventilation Pipes: After the roofing is completed, either you or our Project Inspector should check to ensure none have dislodged from their connection in the attic.
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ENERGY STAR qualified roof coating products reduce the amount of air conditioning needed in buildings, and can reduce energy bills by up to 50%. The Cool Roof Program defines certain standards for reflectivity, and maintenance of reflectivity in roof coating systems. These light colored roof coatings reflect the suns heat and UV rays and often lower the temperature of the roof by up to 100 degrees.